PAT Testing Services

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Portable appliance testing, commonly known as PAT testing, is a way of checking your electrical equipment to see if it is safe and is vital to protect your business and its employees.

In-Service testing will involve the following:

  • Preliminary inspection
  • Earth continuity tests (for Class 1 equipment)
  • Insulation testing (Which may sometimes be substituted by earth leakage measurement)
  • Functional checks

Electrical testing should be performed by a person who is competent in the safe use of the test equipment and who knows how to interpret the test results obtained. This person must be capable of inspecting the equipment and, where necessary, dismantling it to check the cable connections.

If equipment is permanently connected to the fixed installation, e.g. by a flex outlet or other accessory, the accessory will need to be detached from its box or enclosure so that the connections can be inspected. Such work should only be carried out by a competent person.

We aim to bring your company the most competitive possible rates with none of those hidden costs. This is why Maxpower Limited include and DO NOT charge for any minor repairs or fuse changes that our engineers can carry out as they work through your workplace.

Any minor repairs that we come across, where possible we will rectify the problem there and then. This can include something as small and simple as replacing a wrongly rated fuse, a cracked or damaged plug or even the shortening and re-wiring of cables where feasible and/or permission given by the onsite contact.

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All major debit and credit cards accepted